Can you help me locate a local group therapy or support group for survivors of abuse and trauma?

If you have a therapist, begin by asking them for a recommendation or referral.

We recommend calling your local rape crisis, domestic violence or women’s center and asking them if they are aware of any resources. If you live near a major university, their counseling and testing center may have information, too — although whether or not such groups (if on campus) would be available to a non-student may vary.

Also, try the United Way referral service or local Mental Health Association to see if they have lists of support groups.

Another strategy might be to check the phonebook for people who work with abuse and trauma survivors and contact them to see if they are aware of any possibilities. Community mental health centers may also be good resources for this information.

Also, consider contacting Survivors of Incest Anonymous or Incest Survivors Anonymous to see if there are any chapters in your area (or to start one).

Another opportunity for face-to-face contact with other people who have survived abuse is at the annual VOICES in Action conference.

Good luck in your search!

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