What are “cookies” and how safe is my personal info at the TWHJ forums?

Do not store any information in your profile which you do not wish to disclose. While no one but myself has legitimate access to any data in the profiles, we cannot guarantee that the server is hack-proof or that the software might malfunction. Not even the White House could guarantee that for its own website.

Therefore, you are 100% responsible for safeguarding your own privacy by ensuring that you include no information in your profile that you do not wish others to see, including your e-mail address. If your e-mail address contains your real name or other identifying data, consider setting up a free, anonymous web-based e-mail account for the purpose of your participation here.

Do not include your real name or other identifying information in your profile.

We do reserve the right to designate one or more trusted people (“designees”) to assist us in the operation of the board. Were something to happen to me that would prevent our continued operation of the site, those people would be able to access the userfile so that the members could be notified of an alternate site, etc.

The use of “cookies” enables the software to “remember” which forums you have visited and whether or not there are new messages in them. They also have something to do with the “search” facility and remembering username and password between visits. Cookies reside on your computer, not the server. If you want to know more, do a websearch on “Cookies.”

Incidentially, cookies have been in use at TWHJ forums for approximately 4-5 years. If you locate the directory on your computer which holds cookies of the sites you have visited, you will note that you have been leaving “cookie crumbs” all over the internet. Furthermore, every webserver automatically records data about each visitor (IP address, platform, referrer, browser type, operating system) for statistical purposes.

There are risks involved in everything we do. It is our intention to keep the risks in participating at TWHJ at a minimum. However, as any internet security expert will tell you — the individual user is usually the weakest link in the security chain. Therefore, we are glad that you are asking these questions and we hope our answers are, if not enlightening, at least fodder for your further investigation of internet security.

There’s a ton of information online on this topic. One good tutorial for domestic violence victims, for example, is at: HOW AN ABUSER CAN DISCOVER YOUR INTERNET ACTIVITIES

If anyone finds a safer message forum, please fill us in so we can emulate their methods.

Also see: Terms and Conditions you agreed to when joining the site.

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