Why don’t you allow users to exchange e-mail addresses or post urls or pointers to other websites in the TWHJ forums?

For several years we did allow people to post this kind of information. Then we began to notice that some of our participants were using the forums primarily as a means to create social relationships (outside of TWHJ) which were sometimes disastrous.

We also noted that some people seemed to enjoy stirring things up, being disruptive, and that they used e-mail for this purpose. While posting urls or directions to other websites seems innocuous, in practice we have seen that doing so can undermine the operation of the board.

Because we want TWHJ to be an agent of healing and not of destruction or confusion, we decided that clear boundaries were needed. Keeping this boundary helps us maintain a focus on what we do best: Creating a place where people can discuss issues of mutual interest in relative safety and anonymity. If there are URL’s related to healing or interesting articles on healing, those URL’s can be posted, however no personal URL’s can be posted. (Blogs, personal sites, photo sites, etc.) Moderaters are the sole determination if a posted site is or is not acceptable.

.Choosing to participate at TWHJ means agreeing to honor this parameter. While you are certainly free to disagree with this policy, it is non-negotiable and any discussions pro or con should take place through e-mail with Admin. Furthermore, if you wish to post information about any other site, please e-mail it to TWHJ Admin at twhj@twhj.net and we will review it and pass the information along if we feel it is appropriate.

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